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Project Row and Ski Certification - Redondo Beach


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May 19, 2018 08:30
May 20, 2018 12:30
409 North Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach, CA, USA   View map

The Project Row and Ski Certification

Thank you for thinking of Project Row and Ski Certification!

The Certification Training Event runs over two days, and includes:

Project Row and Ski

Every ticket includes Day 1, which is Project Row and Project Ski. You'll learn the foundational movements and coaching experience that we build on during Day 2.

The Performance Project:

The Performance Project is for coaches and trainers who're looking to massively upskill in their careers (and for anyone else who's interested!).

The PP will cover both Project Ski and Project Row, and:

1 - The What, How and Why of each element of correct technique.
2 - Common technique errors and how to fix them.
3 - Practical coaching: hands on application of coaching and correcting each other.
4 - A physical test to finish, where attendees will coach each other through the effort. It's the coaching that's imperative, not the test!
5 - A coaching framework to apply to every other movement.

NB: A big asterix here is that anyone who wants to attend the Performance Project must also attend Project Row and Project Ski, as the PP builds heavily on content from the Projects.

The Certification:

After coming to Project Ski, Project Row and the Performance Project, attendees will take an online test and become Project Row & Project Ski Certified!

Project Row and Project Ski Certification will be a value statement. A statement that tells people you've invested in knowledge that means you can coach them better. A statement that tells people you understand the power that training has to transfer to the rest of people's lives. A statement that tells your clients that you want their lives to be better.

Certified Coaches will be joining a community of like-minded, committed people. They'll get a t-shirt (obvs), a banner for their gym (obvs!) and most importantly, the opportunity to co-host seminars infront of their target markets.

And this is just the beginning of the certification. I am SO excited about where this could take all of us!

Project Row and Ski Certification - Redondo Beach


Day 1: Project Row and Project Ski Day 2: Performance Project Online: Certification Test The Future: Host Project Row and Ski Workshops, become a better coach, and proudly display your certification.



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